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Anya Petrovic, internationally recognised teacher, healer and author, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis®, is coming from Australia. She travels the world to teach seminars and give lectures. Anya has presented at the International Tesla Science Conference in Philadelphia, the International Nikola Tesla Congress in Belgrade and at the B.C. University in Canada.


Love is the most powerful power of all. The natural state of us humans is that of love, and when we are in harmony with ourselves, we spontaneously radiate love. Some of us are in that state of love, but some are too busy and have too many “important” things to do, or are too preoccupied in how to survive in this corporate materialistic world, that they seem to have forgotten their true nature. Some phase in and out of that state of love without having an awareness of changing the state of their existence. We need to remind ourselves that we are Love.

Love can make our life happier and create a happier and healthier environment around us. Scientists state that, in the state of love, the physical and mental eye emits spontaneous and visible light-induced ultraweak photon emissions. A seven-year-old girl, when asked to define what love was, said: “When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down, and up and down, and little stars come out of you.”  That is the reason why we always keep our eyes opened when we radiate love and when we do healing sessions. Children have the ability to feel and see things that most adults have lost.

The workshop Radiate Love to Receive Love will give you tools that you could use in your everyday life. This exercise is a very simple, however, a very powerful survival tool, because, when we radiate Love, there are minimum chances that somebody or something will attack us. It is based on the research of the Hearth Math Institute. As everybody in the room radiates love, we all can feel how love simultaneously increases the frequency and density of its radiation and changes the whole energy field in the room. After doing the exercise with the group, one person will be doing the exercise and all the others will be able to watch on the screen the results: how this simple practice can bring us to the coherent state very fast.

Radiating love is not something that you need to practice for the rest of your life. After a while, you will start radiating love spontaneously. It will become a natural part of you, as you are reminded of your true nature, as you are reminded that you are Love. 


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