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This was August 2007. I was desperately searching the Internet trying to find a way to beat systematic lupus which I have had since 1994. In addition to this, herpes virus was being triggered in my body after I had ultrasound therapy on my neck, to try to increase blood circulation to my hands; I had opened wounds on my face and my hands. The herpes virus in turn blazed up the lupus and I found myself in a vicious circle with not much chance to escape.

Systemic lupus erythematosus is an autoimmune disease, where the organism attacks itself, as the immune system is hyperactive. There are a few kinds of antibodies which start destroying capillaries, and progress, to destroying organs: kidneys, lungs, central nervous system… (Kidneys are usually first to be attacked.) These antibodies are created in the liver, spleen and lymph nodes. It is not known what initiates this process, nor what can stop it. When the concentration of antibodies increases, the body starts creating and circulating immunecomplexes, which indicates that the kidneys are in serious danger.

Medicine still doesn’t have a treatment that would heal this disease. Corticosteroid therapy just helps maintain the status quo in the short term and using it longer term has fatal, ruinous effect on health. The same story like with cancer – there is no acknowledged remedy.

I was trying to solve the problem with nutrition , but I didn’t feel any better. Herpes was rampaging inside me, waking me up with severe pain in my lungs and shoulders each morning. The lupus was raging triggered by the herpes. Every two weeks I had cystitis (bladder infection); an announcement of an imminent attack on kidneys. It wouldn’t be enough to say that I was beyond despair.

I still didn’t lose hope. Somehow, somewhere … must be something or someone who can help me: a shaman from Siberia, a medicine-man from America, an avatar from India, a fern from Amazon, mushrooms from Indonesia, glucosamine sulphate, homeopathic arsenic, something... someone … somewhere.

And then it happened! In my desperate search on the Internet I came across Anya’s site. It dawned on me, I realised, with deep disappointment, that she lives in Australia, and me, “just around the corner”, in Europe.

But, just by chance, Anya was coming to Belgrade in two months. I couldn’t believe ... I just couldn’t believe. Then I thought, does it matter if I believe it or not? If it works, it works. I began to doubt if this all made any sense at all.

I was waiting for that women I don’t know, to come to Belgrade. With the first cold autumn days my immune system crashed and I was nailed to my bed with a fever and a severe cough. “I am finished", I thought, “I will die before Anya arrives".

I didn’t die. On a gloomy evening in November 2007 I managed to get to my door and open it for Anya. I was overwhelmed by fragrance. „Isn't it that practitioners are not supposed to wear perfumes?”, I asked myself. “Well, even if she does wear it, why so much? …Though, the smell is nice; something like a combination of marigold and pine, something like Indian incense..”

The session started. I didn’t believe in the stories about involuntary movements during the session, so I was pretty shocked when my left leg lifted and started rotating. It was as if somebody else was rotating it. Anya came because of my lupus, there was no chance that she could know about the problem with my left ankle and foot! At one stage I felt as if I was sinking into bed and as if something was happening with my spine.

My spine had been compressed in the sacral area for years. There was a bump there and long ago I gave up any hope that the spine could be straightened. I was not paying attention to this any more. Two days after the session, after having shower, I saw myself in the mirror. My spine was perfectly straight! There was no way Anya could know about my spine!?

During the session I could hear a strange deep breathing and I had a feeling that we were not alone in the room. When I thought Anya was at my head (I even saw a shadow), one of my eyes opened slightly, and I saw her on a completely different side. I felt certain, there was somebody else but two of us in the room.

When the session was finished she asked me what I had experienced during the session. When she asked about taste, smell ... I told Anya about it, I couldn’t resist. I thought, „Gosh, how could I possibly not sense it, she was literally soaked in perfume?! I was shocked when she told me that she didn’t wear perfume!

Apart from unusual sensations during the session, at one stage I witnessed some processes on stars. I am very interested in astrophysics and this experience was fascinating to me.

That autumn we did two healing sessions and the Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis. For these sessions I went to Anya’s place as I was already able to get out of the house by then. This time I felt somebody touch my cheek with a finger. The finger had no nail (unlike Anya’s). I saw a big eye (similar to the „Ra eye“ from Egypt). By the end of the session, I become aware of an unusual man watching me. He could be aged 16 or 60, it was difficult to determine. His clothes were strange, even his hairstyle, as if he wasn’t from here.

That night, when I returned home after the second session of Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis, I suddenly started crying. I was perfectly calm, but tears were r streaming and I could not control it. I hadn’t cried for years…

The lupus lessened, though it was still active. Now I was able to do light physical exercise and gradually I included harder exercises, combining it with vitamins. I was waiting for Anya to come to Belgrade again. She came in May 2008. That night when that same fragrance and a gentle touch on my shoulder woke me up before dawn, I knew that she had arrived.

We did three healing sessions this time. Apart from experiences that were similar to those I had before, at one stage I had a strange feeling that somebody was doing something on my body, something I could perhaps call „electronic“ healing. I really don’t know how to describe this. Like, for a while I felt that I existed only in the area of my head and the area from my knees down. The area in between seemed transformed in a movement of energy, but not there; somewhere else, I don’t know … in some other dimension.

Today, my blood-tests are perfect, and my immunology tests are showing that lupus activity has halved. It keeps on decreasing. I am checking my results regularly and I hope that I will be perfectly healthy very soon. The only thing I don’t like about all this is that my menstrual cycle, which from puberty had always run longer-than-average cycle, is now infallibly accurate.


To listen to Olivera's testimonial, click here .
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