Nazad na Svedoèanstva

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estimonial related to Anya's healing

awoke one morning in July 2008 with a migraine like headache behind the right eye area. Accompanying this was acute double vision beyond about 1.5 meters coupled with high sensitivity to light sources. Looking towards lights or a computer screen became very difficult. Being outdoors during daylight, inside a shopping mall or supermarket was absolutely dazzling. I had to constantly close my right eye and look downwards to avoid painful glare. When I closed my eyes the entire scene became like a sea of bubbling blood though this wasn't disturbing or uncomfortable. So, from perfectly OK one day - to this situation the next.

Over some days the condition worsened. Double vision now occurred at all distances making it virtually impossible to read or use a computer. Additionally all images of objects now appeared further apart with their distance apart fluctuating on a daily basis. I visited doctors, had brain scan which showed no abnormality or physical damage. I visited an eye specialist. The eye examination showed no abnormalities or damage. The only possible issue was a higher than normal blood sugar level of 9 which, though above normal, could not be considered a precipitating factor leading to such severe vision defects.

The problems persisted almost 5 weeks with only a slight lessening of severity, so after getting nowhere I began seriously considering alternative healing methods.

I was particularly drawn towards the website of Anya Petrovic, as being the person most suitable to "get a result if anyone could". I attempted to contact her by e-mail. Shortly before she answered my e-mail about 90% of the adverse conditions cleared up over the space of a few hours whilst sleeping.

The improvements being: close distance vision had returned to near normal enabling me to read and use a computer, sensitivity to light had diminished substantially, distance vision was still double (all objects appearing as 2 objects) though not as acute in that; objects were now much closer together with the world no longer appearing as a jumbled fantasyland.

After making contact with Anya and arranging for a healing session all remaining vision problems dissolved within 2 of days over the space of a few hours on one day. Additionally and quite strangely my vision has improved slightly in that objects at long distance now appear in sharper focus, contrast particularly at night has improved, colours are slightly more vivid and rich. A return to normal vision occurred without ever visiting Anya personally though I did follow through with healing sessions.

You might ask yourself just as I have "These vision problems manifested literally overnight, remained about 6 weeks then corrected themselves seemingly without any medical (medications or operations) or other known intervention over the course of two specific days .... so why and how ?"

Anya has explained that in some rare cases a healing without the persons ever meeting physically can occur and I now understand this as a reality. It is obvious that something tenable happened, as my vision was completely restored. There were no other explanations, but a powerful healing of Tesla Metamorphosis.

Age 58 years.