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Tesla Metamorphosis® attracts great interest among scientists because clients report healings from many diseases that are considered incurable, such as cancer, AIDS, lupus, spine injuries, chronic fatigue syndrome, even healings from birth deformities. Also, healings happen very quickly. Most of the time, three sessions are enough (Listen to Testimonials). This new healing modality creates a complex metamorphosis of the human body through bringing it to the perfect balance of light. It initiates the reconstruction of the human DNA to the original 13 strands, and brings into harmony the frequency of human DNA with the frequency of the DNA of our planet Earth and the Universe.

Specific for this form of healing is that it uses Tesla energy waves (see PIP_Camera_Analyses by Dr. Prof. Ljubo Ristovski) which, unlike Hertzian waves, become stronger with distance.

“Tesla Waves have a quantum carrier. They are different not only in the quantity of their frequency; they are also different in their energy structure and form. They are a richer, multidimensional form of energy vibration. In our quasi-real space which we define with three space and one time dimension, we are not able to perceive them; we can only see them as their own shadow, or in a shape of electro-magnetic waves which spread in a strange way, or in a shape of longitudinal waves, or as some anomalies in gravitation. They are actually all those things joined together, but we do not have a name which would express all those complex aspects of Tesla Waves”, explains the scientist Goran Marjanovic.







Tesla waves are accessed directly from active ether (the Field), just like Nikola Tesla explained (there are no machines involved). Images made by Dr. Prof. Ristovski with Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) camera had proven that:

- Tesla Waves exist in nature (Image of mountain Rtanj in Serbia for which it is discovered that it is actually a pyramid). This photo (on the right) beautifully demonstrates Tesla’s statement that there is an endless quantity of energy everywhere around us and that we might be able to access this energy more directly, even to power machines.
- The Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil constructed by Eng. Goran Marjanovic creates Tesla Waves which are different from Hertzian, and get stronger with the distance. It is an interesting phenomenon that these waves stay in the Field long after the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil is switched off (Image on the right).
- The PIP images made during Tesla Metamorphosis® seminars unequivocally proved that the energy frequency used in Tesla Metamorphosis® was equal to the frequencies of Tesla Waves (Image on the right). Dr. Prof. Ristovski states that no other healing modality has those purple colours that are specific to Tesla Waves. With all other healing modalities (Reiki, Theta Healing, The Reconnection and others) the predominant colour on PIP camera images is green.
Otto Warburg, the Nobel Prize winner, stated that every cell is like a small battery and that Tesla Coil acts as a molecular enhancer. In this case, as the PIP camera images had proven, the energy frequencies that appear in the Field during Tesla Metamorphosis® sessions are actually Tesla Waves equal to those broadcasted by Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil, therefore we can conclude that Tesla Metamorphosis® practitioners in the process of healing act as Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil.

Tesla healing frequencies of energy, light and information initiate consciousness evolution and evolution on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are significant changes happening in the electro-magnetic field of our planet Earth in this period of time. The consciousness evolution of the human race is of the crucial importance and prerequisite to undergo this transition.

The PIP camera images of all the students at the Tesla Metamorphosis® seminar which was examined had the predominant purple colour, the same colour as Tesla Waves, in their auras. Purple colour is not a common colour for human aura. One of the students made a PIP camera photo one year later, and the purple colour was still predominant in her aura, even more intense.

In Vedanta there is a meditation for elevating the consciousness level. It starts from the Root Chakra, which is red, up through the seven main chakras in the human body, finishing with the Crown Chakra which is purple, and back. Only yogis with an ascetic lifestyle and long daily meditations reach the level of the Crown Chakra even. When this chakra is opened, you connect with the Source of life energy. The phenomenon of the purple colour in auras of almost all students who attended Tesla Metamorphosis® seminars might indicate that the frequencies of Tesla Waves can enhance the frequency level of our consciousness to the frequency level of our Crown Chakra.

The green colour which is the predominant colour on PIP camera images of all other healing modalities (Reiki, Theta Healing, The Reconnection and others) is also present on images of Tesla Metamorphosis® healing sessions, as well as in the auras of students. This is the colour of the Hearth Chakra. Anya believes that it is because Love is of a great importance for the healing process. That is why in Tesla Metamorphosis® I seminar she does an exercise with her students to help them in the process of radiating Love.

Nikola Tesla said: “The day Science begins to study nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence.” He was the sage who was capable of uniting science with the metaphysical. He had supernatural senses, and he was trying to explain to humanity that there are all these different forms of the same energy available for us. We only need to find out how to access them without disturbing the laws of nature. That is why those in control wanted to erase him from the history, because they could not put meter on free energy and charge for it. Tesla considered that any infringement of cosmic space, or the magnetic field of the Earth, was an infringement of harmony inherent to natural laws. This made him stand up against using the use of atomic energy. In addition, he believed, the absence of ethical components in science has had the consequence of negative influences on people’s free will, which makes it destructive. According to Tesla, free will can be creative only with kindness, which accompanies the higher understanding and conscious selection of positive intentions. He considered that humankind living on the Earth should understand all kinds of natural alliances with the planet - otherwise people would lose it.

There are three aspects of Tesla Metamorphosis®: Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® Tesla Soul Communication® and Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis®. The difference between the three is in the intent and in the procedure. People come for Tesla Healing Metamorphosis when they have a health problem. In Tesla Soul Communication between the practitioner and the client communication through meaning, emotions and through images is opened. This is the communication beyond words. In this process client might receive an insight what is causing his/her health, or other problems. The client can get messages from the Source, and these could be life changing messages. Though there is also healing aspect in the process that is called Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis, this procedure initiates consciousness evolution, and the evolution on all other levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, and therefore it might be even more important than healing. It is done once in the life time and it is highly recommended to everybody, even to people who are perfectly healthy.

The founder of Tesla Metamorphosis® is Anya Petrovic.

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