Seminar Experiences

During the seminar, whilst being worked on, I experienced an almost indescribable feeling. I felt as if all my cells had suddenly “woken up”, and were shooting out sparks of light in every direction. I felt totally ALIVE, yet as though my body had no density to it. Maybe it was a glimpse of what we might become? I’m sure this process is a trigger or accelerator for our evolution.

Maz, Australia, Practitioner: Anya Petrovic

Tapping into the Tesla healing frequencies instantly made my life richer, more abundant, and more beautiful. I find myself striving to be more loving to people, both strangers and friends. I want to share this energy to make the world a better place for all life.

I LOVE the easiness of this work. It teaches us to move and flow with the natural rhythms of life. EFFORTLESS!

Nicole, Australia, Practitioner: Anya Petrovic

This seminar was absolutely transforming, I am forever grateful that I was able to get all of this knowledge and hands-on experiences. The information about Nikola Tesla was fascinating. I am very pleased with myself now and the work that I did and continue to do on myself (thanks to you and the seminars). Experiences my clients have from Tesla Healing Metamorphosis fill me with joy. I don’t think there is a day that I go without being connected to that beautiful energy.

Alena, United States, Practitioner: Anya Petrovic

Without doubt, seminar helps me, even pushes me, to use the gift I have received to both myself and others; to find Love - Joy – Peace, even total bliss in my life; to help the world to change.

The Tesla Soul Communication clearly demonstrated that we are all indeed connected.

John, United States, Practitioner: Anya Petrovic

After the seminar I am absolutely clear about the purpose of my life which is to do with the elevation of the human consciousness and the synchronisation with the energy frequency of the whole planet. I have lost any doubts that the telepathic inner voice was the connection with the Higher Self and the Source.

Mirjana, Croatia, Practitioner: Anya Petrovic

I had been to a couple of Tesla Metamorphosis introduction sessions with Anya in Sydney and wanted to try it out but was focused on other healing modality back then. Late last year I injured myself in my knee and had a swelling and was walking around with some pain and discomfort. I tried to heal it using the methods that I knew, but they didn't work, and I asked the Universe for help and got a word Tesla. I realised that the sign was to get a Tesla Metamorphosis Healing. I did that and my knee healed more than 80 percent in first session and I could walk without pain and the swelling was almost down to zero. I was amazed and I still am! I finished Tesla Metamorphosis seminars.

Kunal Gandhi, Australia, Practitioner: Anya Petrovic

Kata je imala neizdržive glavobolje nekoliko mjeseci. Nije mogla jesti, nije mogla spavati. Fizički je sasvim propala. Jedbva je mogla hodati. Obavila je sve potrebne pretrage, i nisu našli uzrok glavobolje, te su joj samo prepisali jake (opijumske) analgetike, ali unatoč njima, glavobolje su bile takvog intenziteta da je mislila da će od njih poludjeti. Napravila sam joj Tesla metamorfozu zdravlja. Za vrijeme seanse se smiješila potpuno opuštena. Nakon seanse rekla mi je da je osjetila toplinu u cijelom tijelu, i de je glava prestala da je boli. Navečer ju je opet jako boljela glava. Ali noću je nije boljela, dobro je spavala i probudila se gladna.  Glava "kao da ju nikad nije boljela".  Sljedeće poslijepodne opet je imala glavobolju i navečer vrlo jaku. Idući dan smo uradile drugu seansu Tesla metamorfoze. Za vrijeme seanse osjetila je jaku toplinu u cijelom tijelu i sjetila se kako je za vrijeme prve seanse osjećala pritisak iza uha i na sljepoočnici, a ovaj put to nije osjetila. Idući dan imala je apetit i glava ju je boljela, kako je rekla "za 80% manje", ali se osjećala jako slabom i "najradije bi ležala cijelo vrijeme". Treću seansu smo napravile nekoliko dana kasnije. Za vrijeme te seanse je "odjednom u lijevom uhu čula jaki šum i kao da je hladni vjetar zapuhao iznad lijeve strane tijela i otišao prema dolje". Na kraju seanse me pitala što sam imala u rukama za vrijeme seanse, jer je imala osjećaj da sam nešto stiskala rukama kao da nešto pumpam dok sam hodala oko nje. Naravno, ništa nisam imala u rukama. Nakon toga nije više uopće imala glavobolje. Potpuno joj se vratio apetit, a i snaga. Nije više bila slaba.

Kata, Croatia, Practitioner: Milena Nazor