You will have the opportunity to learn more about consciousness levels, find guidelines on how our emotions are related to consciousness, and discover how Tesla Waves can assist you in elevating your consciousness. At this moment in human history, it is essential that humanity reaches a higher awareness and consciousness frequency in order to move to another dimension. According to Dr David Hawkins, average humans are below 200 scale. Ascended Masters, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad, and others are on the 700 to 1000 scale. Depending on the frequency of our consciousness, we can access certain levels and areas of Cosmic Consciousness. Working with heart consciousness also enhances our abilities. That is how geniuses receive Information directly from Active Ether, or The Field, or Akasha (choose the word). Nikola Tesla said: "My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration!"


After the lecture, Anya will guide you through the exercise of Radiating Love, based on the research of the HearthMath Institute. This simple exercise could bring you fast into a coherent state of mind. It is a great survival tool in everyday life. According to the HearthMath Institute researchers, it is more effective than meditation and relaxation.