Anya Petrovic, internationally recognized teacher, healer and author, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis®, will hold a group Tesla  Healing Metamorphosis session. You will have the opportunity to experience those healing frequencies. Tesla waves can initiate the transformation of the entire being. Clients report healing from diseases such as lupus, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, addiction, and even reconstruction of congenital deformities and physically damaged spine. Many of these diseases have been declared incurable by official medicine.

The influence of Tesla waves on elevating consciousness is perhaps even more significant than these healings. Images of students' auras taken with a PIP camera after completing the Tesla Healing Metamorphosis seminar indicate significant changes in their energy field and consciousness frequency. That explains how they get enabled to establish communication with clients on a conscious, subconscious and soul level, although they were previously unaware of these abilities.

The session does not have a defined procedure; it is directed by heart intelligence. The healing frequencies that are initiated during the healing session continue to work with you long after the session is completed, for however long they are required.

* Wear comfortable clothes.

* Avoid perfume and use of scented cosmetics before your session, as it might prevent you from having a complete experience in the session.

All jewellery is fine, as long as it is comfortable. Tesla energy frequencies cannot be distorted or stopped by metal, leather or even rubber.

Tesla Healing Metamorphosis session lasts 30 minutes.
State of Mind:
You will be asked to relax with your eyes closed during the session. It is best to be in a state of openness and to allow whatever is supposed to come about. It is not recommended that you meditate, pray or attach to any specific outcome. Be receptive to the experience, knowing that you are participating in a positive process brought to you by God/Love/Universe, and intended to give you exactly what you need at this time.

Sensations: Each individual has unique experiences. Some are just very relaxed. Some report sensing scents, flavours, hearing sounds, feeling a vibration, changes in temperature, seeing colours... Some see different people, landscapes different from planet Earth, angels...  Experience during the session is not related to the healing results; it does not mean that the person who had more sensations during the session is more likely to receive the healing or the opposite way around.