Introduction to Tesla Metamorphosis is compulsory for Tesla Healing Metamorphosis students.

Anya Petrovic, internationally recognised teacher, healer and author, the founder of Tesla Metamorphosis®, will give a presentation with live demonstration of healing. You will have an opportunity to experience these amazing new frequencies, and to learn how you also, can harnesses the powers legendary inventor Nikola Tesla worked with.

Tesla was aware that energy is not just a mechanical movement of particles, that he was working with consciousness. He interacted with the lights in his laboratory, he was talking to them, giving them orders. He was addressing energies as conscious beings, he was, actually, communicating with the Consciousness, with the Universal Consciousness. The meaning of Active Ether was that which is now explained as the “consciousness energy that is holographically coherent and interconnected”. Through the process of Tesla Metamorphosis, we work with this conscious energy, light and information. It affects our DNA and elevates the frequency of human consciousness.

Clients report healings on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - from maladies such as: lupus, cancer, AIDS, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, addiction, and even the reconstructions of birth deformities and physically damaged spines — usually after only three sessions (Testimonials).  Many of those diseases are, according to orthodox medicine, ‘incurable’.

 However, apart from these healings, Tesla Waves enhance the frequency of human consciousness, and this might be even more important than the fascinating healing results. Images of the Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP) camera show that there is a significant change in the energy field of people after attending Tesla Metamorphosis® seminars: there is a predominant purple colour in their auras. Tesla Waves, unique for this healing modality, enable all students to create the communication with clients on the level of the conscious, subconscious and integrative mind. That is why Anya presented at the International Tesla Science Conference in Philadelphia, the International Tesla Congress in Belgrade and at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

The difference among healing modalities is not in how we lay or move our hands. The difference is in which frequencies and densities of energy, information and light that can be accessed, to get in communication and interact with. According to the images made with the PIP camera during sessions, what is new in Tesla Metamorphosis is that we can access Tesla Waves, or Tesla’s bio-field in addition to other frequencies and densities of energy used in other modalities. Unlike in the spectrum of the Hertzian domain, the density and the frequency of these Tesla waves are inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Listen to Dr Prof Ljubo Ristovski sa Instituta za bioenergetska snimanja u Beogradu.


On the quest to understand miracles, the book reveals new knowledge. The answers are found in pioneering scientific research, and also in ancient wisdom. There are some unique phenomena connected to Tesla Metamorphosis®. The subject of this book is expanded to understanding the healing phenomena in general, merging science and spirituality.


Personal experiences are presented with childlike honesty and a genuine sense of humour. Anya Petrovic explains: “This story is real. I live this story. It awakened a curious child in me again. It all started like a fairy tale, the fairy tale which was later scientifically confirmed.” The spirit of Nikola Tesla is imbued throughout this book, giving it a new dimension. Tesla’s ingenuity is in his spirituality.


During some healing sessions and seminars, practitioners were able to notice an emanation around some clients.


As the photos were made in sequence, it is obvious that the white spherical lights were moving around the table (left).

The balls of light (orbs) moving on the stage toward Anya and staying by her side, visible to naked eye (down left).

In Canada colours appeared on the white wall of the hall where seminars were being held, visible to all (down right).