From early age, we were thought to rely on our logical mind. When I was in Peru, one shaman from Andes told me: “If you listen to the nonverbal, meaningful message of your heart, you can reach the wisdom of Gods!” Recently, at the HeartMath Institute in California scientists discovered something what ancient civilisations knew for centuries: the heart consciousness has much greater influence on how we perceive the world, and how we react on it. It is scientifically confirmed that our heart has more direct access to Information from the Universal Consciousness, (The Field, Akasha, or how Nikola Tesla named it, Active Either) than our brain. It was discovered that approximately 80% of information goes from heart to brain and other parts of the body, and only around 20% from brain to heart and other parts of the body. The heart sends meaningful messages to the brain that are not only understood, but also obeyed. The HeartMath Institute from California announced: “This research, replicated by several institutions, suggests that heart intuitive processes access a field of information that is not limited by the boundaries of time and space – throughout the energetic or spiritual heart. It’s the source of our deeper intuitive guidance – Heart Intelligence.”

Geniuses receive information through heart consciousness.  Nikola Tesla said: „ My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration! “

In this workshop we will learn how to move our focus from the brain consciousness to the heart consciousness and how to use it in everyday life. This will initiate a better connection with our own heart consciousness, our intuition and some inborn abilities that might have been suppressed.