About Tesla Metamorphosis

The purple colour in the PIP camera images of Tesla Metamorphosis® sessions is identical to the purple colour around the Tesla Amplifier with Extra Coil (left corner) which radiates Tesla Waves.

Tesla Metamorphosis® has the privilege to have Tesla's name in the name of modality because we can access Tesla Waves. Tesla Waves are, according to scientists, unique for this form of healing. They are accessed directly from Active Ether; there are no machines involved. Unlike in the spectrum of the Hertzian domain, the density and the frequency of Tesla Waves are inversely proportional to the square of the distance. Tesla called them "Non-Hertzian Waves", and he wrote that they are different, not just in frequency, but also in their structure and form; they are multidimensional, and they are in the domain of a new physics.


The difference among healing modalities is not in how we lay or move our hands. The difference is in which frequencies and densities of energy, information and light can be accessed, to get in communication and interact with them. According to the images made by PIP camera during sessions, what is new in Tesla Metamorphosis, is that we can access Tesla Waves, or Tesla’s bio-field, in addition to some other frequencies and densities of energy.

Many will ask – who is Tesla? Nikola Tesla is the man who invented the future. If we only mention alternating current, radio, wireless transmission of energy and information, remote control, robotics, lighting and AC induction motors, out of more than 700 of his patented inventions, it is obvious that without him, technology would not be where it is today. So, why was this man erased from history? Because he discovered the way we could use free energy, and it was not possible to put a meter on and charge for it.               
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Tesla Healing Metamorphosis® attracts great interest because clients report healings from many diseases that are considered incurable, such as cancer, AIDS, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, even healings from the physically damaged spine and birth deformities. Also, healings happen very quickly. Most of the time, three sessions are enough.

Every living cell radiates light. Light is life. Tesla used the term “the spark of life”. Young and healthy cell radiates vibrant, coherent light. In the old and sick cell, this light is weak and chaotic. Tesla Metamorphosis creates a complex metamorphosis of the human body by bringing it into the perfect balance of light. Biophotons, these light particles, travelling at the speed of light, make up the electromagnetic frequency patterns. This matrix, or field of frequency oscillations or resonance [Tesla’s biofield] specificity provides the energetic switchboarding behind every cellular function. It provides DNA/RNA messengering and conducts the transference of information among cells, and throughout the Universe.

Nikola Tesla was aware that energy is not just a mechanical movement of particles; that he was interacting with Consciousness. Nowadays they call it the Field. Tesla used to call it Active Ether. In Tesla Metamorphosis, we are in this Consciousness through our heart intelligence. The healing occurs through the transfer of information between the consciousness of the client's bodies and Active Ether (the Consciousness). The healer is invited to be a part of the equation - observer and the observed.

Tesla Soul Communication® is a healing method where the healer and the client journey together from communicating on the level of the conscious mind, to reaching the subconscious mind and even transcending further to the level of the integrative mind. The healer goes to the Source to bring the message. The client does not have to, and most of the time is not physically present when this method is being performed. This communication transcends communication with words. This is the communication through meaning, images and emotions. The practitioner writes down everything as it comes through, without processing it through his logical mind or correcting it.

The only purpose of this process is healing; it has nothing to do with fortune-telling or scanning for medical diagnosing. In cases where some clients could not notice any significant improvement after three sessions of Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, the process of Tesla Soul Communication might help them to understand why they are preventing themselves from the healing. They might discover how and why they might be sabotaging themselves, or creating a situation or condition which is blocking them from going forward, from making a change. This method could also help us to find out the cause of an illness. There were cases where clients had discovered that they manifested a disease to punish themselves, or to punish somebody else, or to get attention, or to avoid changes in their life. The cause also could be a trauma from childhood, some experiences from a previous life, our resistance to accepting some situation or some truths, a stumble in our struggle to transcend the limitations that are created as a result of some personal belief systems; it could be anything. We keep in our subconscious mind many memories; thoughts, emotions, images, beliefs. Some of them are not pleasant. The events that were difficult to deal with, experiences that we want to forget, we push them into our subconscious mind. The problem is that they interfere with our life influencing our reactions, creating fears and illnesses. The process of Tesla Soul Communication helps us in bringing those issues from the subconscious to the conscious level, where we will be able to deal with them and to transcend the problem. As Jung said: “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” Tesla Soul Communication can also help us tremendously on our journey of discovering our mission and purpose in this lifetime.

Tesla Soul Communication allows us to establish communication in a very simple procedure, without a need of using any symbols or rituals. It is created through meaning, emotions and images. This is communication beyond words. Then we “translate” this into words which we write down. It is learned at Tesla Metamorphosis II seminar. Though there is no attunement performed, all students manage to create communication, and they were not aware of such abilities before. The purple colour in their auras in PIP camera images shows that Tesla Waves elevated their consciousness on the level of the Crown Chakra, and that empowers them to transcend space and time, and create communication with their clients.

It is a special challenge to do Tesla Soul Communication on oneself. This way you can get to know yourself better, you can unveil some truths you might be hiding from yourself. This process might help you understand better your reactions in some situations and clarify your true motives and your goals.

Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis® is about your personal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth. This process tends to elevate the human energy consciousness level to a higher frequency, towards the frequency of consciousness of the higher Light Beings. It creates the uninterrupted flow of the life energy, the perfect balance of the frequency of light within DNA, axiatonal lines and chakras of the human body, and initiates the revival of the thirteen original DNA strands. This brings back the memory of the knowledge and the arts and talents we once had, and which are now forgotten. Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis enhances our potentials and brings us closer to our optimal blueprint.

This process also brings into harmony the human DNA with the DNA of our mother planet Earth, and the DNA of resonating star systems, and of the Universe. When the human DNA is tuned with the symphony of the Universe, this will support the human to follow the big shift in the evolution of consciousness, which is now avoidable in this cycle of cosmic evolution. We have chosen to take on human form and to be in this dimension during this quantum leap of the human development, to evolve into Homo Luminous, the human of light.

The person who receives Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis will no longer be kept in biochemical slavery within the apparent realities in the three-dimensional world. Remember, we are divine spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience! This process is the re-awakening of the total expression of our wholeness.

Each person has a unique experience, but some of the most common immediate responses suggest:

  • Your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development might be expanded to a higher level.
  • You may have a greater capacity to give and receive love.
  • Your talents and creativity could be liberated and enhanced.
  • You may get a strong sense of life purpose.
  • You might be released from the feelings of fear and guilt.
  • You might clear negative emotional patterns.
  • You might achieve a different perspective of values, which gives you inner tranquillity.
  • Those that meditate might achieve a more profound meditation.
  • Life can be filled with Peace, Love, Harmony, Joy, Balance, Abundance and Creativity.
  • You may have a greater choice in your life and more confidence in decision making.
  • It brings about the balancing, relaxing, rejuvenating and harmonising of the physical body.
  • This process allows greater space for the spirit to express through the physical body.
  • Your consciousness might transcend the limitations of the three-dimensional level of consciousness.
  • Some clients say that they have changed for the better, and therefore, other people change in their relationship with them.
  • Some people report a changing job, changing partner, changing the place where they live.