Healing Testimonials

Catharine is my 21 year old daughter. She had a birth deformity; the left side of her ribcage was less developed than the right, and her spine was not straight. After receiving healing sessions with Anya, her doctor was amazed how in two months her left side started to develop again and her spine was much straighter.

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Olivera was dealing with lupus, herpes and she also had spine deformation.

I was diagnosed with System Lupus in 1994. Trying to improve circulation in my hands, I decided to undergo some ultrasound therapy on my neck. This triggered the bloom of herpes virus in my whole body. This created wounds on my face and my hands. I have found myself in an enchanted circle and it seemed to me almost impossible to see the exit.

In first cold days of autumn my immune system crashed and I was stuck in bed, with fever and severe cough. “I am finished", I thought, “I will die before Anya arrives to Belgrade".
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My husband Damian had a large brain tumour, so large that doctors believed it wasn’t possible to do the surgery. After having four healing sessions with Anya he went for a check-up. Doctors were amazed how the tumour had shrunk, they did the surgery and Damian is now recovered and well.


I had AIDs and I really felt very weak and sick when I went to Anya. I was swollen, I had sores on my face, I had lost my job and I was in a deep depression. After having only one healing session with Anya I decided to go for a long vacation. I didn’t even go for my second session, I guess, I didn’t believe that anything could help me. But soon after, I started feeling much better, the swelling disappeared, my face cleared and my will to live returned. My doctors were amazed and informed me that the virus was no longer recognisable in my bloodstream.


Mira had an unbearable pain in her lower back. She was diagnosed with two large ovarian tumours and was referred to a specialist for further examinations. She visited an iridologist who said that Mira had cancer. Before going to the specialist, she decided to have Tesla Healing Metamorphosis. When she went to the specialist, he couldn’t find any health problems. The tumours had disappeared.

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