Seminar Experiences

During the seminar, whilst being worked on, I experienced an almost indescribable feeling. I felt as if all my cells had suddenly “woken up”, and were shooting out sparks of light in every direction. I felt totally ALIVE, yet as though my body had no density to it. Maybe it was a glimpse of what we might become? I’m sure this process is a trigger or accelerator for our evolution.


Tapping into the Tesla healing frequencies instantly made my life richer, more abundant, and more beautiful. I find myself striving to be more loving to people, both strangers and friends. I want to share this energy to make the world a better place for all life.

I LOVE the easiness of this work. It teaches us to move and flow with the natural rhythms of life. EFFORTLESS!


This seminar was absolutely transforming, I am forever grateful that I was able to get all of this knowledge and hands-on experiences. The information about Nikola Tesla was fascinating. I am very pleased with myself now and the work that I did and continue to do on myself (thanks to you and the seminars). Experiences my clients have from Tesla Healing Metamorphosis fill me with joy. I don’t think there is a day that I go without being connected to that beautiful energy.


Without doubt, seminar helps me, even pushes me, to use the gift I have received to both myself and others; to find Love - Joy – Peace, even total bliss in my life; to help the world to change.

The Tesla Soul Communication clearly demonstrated that we are all indeed connected.


After the seminar I am absolutely clear about the purpose of my life which is to do with the elevation of the human consciousness and the synchronisation with the energy frequency of the whole planet. I have lost any doubts that the telepathic inner voice was the connection with the Higher Self and the Source.